Air the 1st Essential
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The Jewish Medical Swindle is designed to fight against God and to get your money.
To be successful at both, the Jews try to control or destroy your Eight Essentials of Life.
Without the Eight Essentials, you will sicken and be forced to go to the Jew physicians
and pay them to get well again. But you will never get well because the Jews make money
from sick people. The more sick people, the more money for the Jews.

All Jewish physicians are devils. Don't submit yourself to their swindles.

And so, to heal any disease and to stay healthy, you must assert your Natural Right to the
                                  Eight Essentials of Life.

Air is the first Essential of Life because without it, you will die within five minutes. So, breathe deep.

Western physicians have absolutely no knowledge of the ancient Science of Breath so none of them
are qualified to be giving anyone advice on the subject. So, you physicians who read this, learn it well
so that you are not guilty of letting any more of your patients sicken and die from your ignorance.

There are a huge number of diseases that are caused by nothing more than improper breathing and
they are cured with proper breathing. But the Science of Breath is unknown in the West and it is actively
opposed by the malevolent Jewish physicians. Remember, physicians make money off of sick people.
So, instead of teaching you proper breathing, they want to sell you pills and perform operations.

The first thing you do when you are born is to take a breath of air. And the last thing you do when you
die is to give up your last breath of air. So, breathing is both the first and the last of all things healthy.

But the Jews have been able to steal away and restrict proper breathing methods and so people get sick
from lack of oxygen and lack of proper internal massage.

Our video, The Nine Treasure Exercises of Ancient China teaches proper breathing. However, it only teaches
the first level. That is, when you inhale, pull up on your anus. And when you exhale, just relax your anus.
This will pull the air into your lungs with the power of the abdominal muscles and diaphragm. Breathing
only with your lung muscles as Western physicians teach, is incorrect and leads to a variety of illnesses.
This breathing and mediation technique cures such modern ailments as hemorrhoids, hernia, fatigue,
Abdominal pains, asthma, constipation and digestive disorders, migraine, obesity, menstrual problems,
and old age symptoms. So, for such diseases, practice this method, especially for such things as
hemorrhoids is it efficacious. So, practice Step One, anus breathing, until you learn how to control your
diaphragm. Use as much strength as you wish but remember the first health rule:
If you do anything that hurts, Stop! These methods heal diseases but since they are also quite powerful
you don't want to use them to hurt yourself. so, practice with an alert Mind.

However good the anus breathing method is for proper abdominal breathing, it pulls the Qi into the
hollow organs where it has only minor benefit. So, once you master the musculature of this method,
then move on to Step Two.

A higher level of breathing is Step Two. Instead of pulling up on the anus, move your attentive Mind a couple of
inches and instead pull up on the Hui Yin (Ren 1) acupuncture point located between the anus and the scrotum
in males and between the anus and the posterior labial commissure in females.

Pull up on this point as you inhale and instead of the Qi entering your hollow organs, it will enter your acupuncture
meridians and circulate throughout your body, rejuvenating your entire body and Mind. This method will simultaneously
pull up on the anus. But it is a finer breathing method of pure Qi Gong. When you become sensitive enough to
the various powers and energies in your body and wish to enter the pure spiritual level of Qi Gong, use this
breathing method but pull up on the Hui Yin point with about the same strength as in blinking your eyes and
the Qi will enter your acupuncture meridians without muscular force. Using such slight force, you will be able
to feel and sense the subtle Qi as it fills your body with buoyancy.


This breathing method
is the basis of Qi Gong and is used in the Taoist monasteries as a basis for Meditation.
But after you learn the best way to breathe, you will need the Second Essential of Life.

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