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"The major causes of disease in the West are Jews and Jewish physicians."
                                                     -- Dr. Wu Tao-Wei

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These nefarious characters profit from the People's illnesses and they are the main cause
of illness, themselves, both with their false medical philosophy and their avaricious greed.
The Western physicians who are not Jews have been trained in the Jew-controlled
medical colleges to jump through all the hoops necessary to gain a medical license and so
are no better at healing than are the Jewish doctors. The allopathic, symptomatic methods
of the Jewish Medical Conspiracy are failures at healing but successes at making money
for the physicians, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and  lawyers
-- most of whom are (what a coincidence!) Jews.

Of what use is a medical system that requires, First, that you are purposely sickened by
the doctors and their Jewish relatives in the junk food and fashion industries; Second, that the
symptoms alone are treated while the cause is left to fester; Third, that because of a never-ending
series of expensive treatments of symptoms that a cure of the illness is never attained; and Fourth,
that you are bankrupted and reduced to poverty -- poorer than before and still sick! The Western
physicians are swindlers and thieves and worse, since they kill more people every year in America
than are killed with firearms and auto accidents. Of what use is such a medical system except to the
perpetrators, themselves, of such a cruel fraud and swindle? But this is what passes for medicine in the
West -- a hugely expensive system for extracting wealth from sick and desperate people
-- sick and desperate people who believe that the doctor is there to help them rather than
to enrich himself at their expense.

And so, I have developed this method of curing disease that requires nothing more than common sense.
If you are sick or if you want to stay healthy, then please use your common sense and figure out what
the doctors are too stupid and too greedy to tell you. It is obvious that Western doctors are greedy,
but because the physicians assume a theatrical air of superior intelligence, the People are deceived
into thinking that the physicians are not stupid. But it takes a real stupid doctor to think that allopathic
medicine is good medicine.

So, if you want to learn for yourself what the doctors are too stupid to understand then all you need do is
ask yourself: "What do I need to stay healthy and long lived?" I discuss these secrets in my book,
"Hidden Secrets of Oriental Wealth" but you can read about them here for free without buying the book.

                   These are the Eight Essentials of Life.

Air, water , food, clothes, shelter, spouse, children and something else.

If you want to cure yourself of ANY disease, then you should understand these Eight Essentials.

If you want to save yourself on ALL medical bills or from paying ANY medical insurance,
then you should understand these Eight Essentials of Life. And they are FREE and EASY
to understand. So, let's begin here -- The First Essential of Life is  AIR to Breathe.

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