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Why is weight loss and dieting a swindle? Simply because women are supposed
to be fat
! It is natural and healthy for women to be fat. Or, if not fat, at least a
little bit chubby. It is natural for women to have a bit of extra weight so that
they are healthy and can bear healthy children. It is natural for women to be able
to store fat so that when food supplies are low, they can still work and nurse the
baby. This is why women are supposed to be fat. God and Nature made them this way.
Even the cave men were smarter than modern men when it came to appreciating
womanly power. Note how this Paleolithic rock carving known as the "Gravettian
Venus"  represents not only a rotund woman but the yin-yang concepts of male and
female. She holds a hollow horn in her right hand. This unique morphological shape
has both the yang shape of the phallus and the yin shape of the vagina contained in
one object. Even today, it is an amazing shape, these hollow horns. She holds this up
as a mystery while her left hand touches her fertile abdomen. These prehistoric people
were not as dumb as modern people who are being mislead and deceived by the Jewish
physicians and politicians into committing racial suicide for the sake of lust and
sexual pleasure. To the ancient people, a healthy woman was a great mystery who
had the power to bring forth little babies from her womb and to suckle them at her
breast. Today, even a woman's breast has become a sales target of Jewish fashion
designers, brassier manufacturers and purveyors of pornography.


However, most women today are crazy about having slim, trim bodies.
They suffer and starve themselves for the sake of that swindle and fraud
known as "The Latest Fashion". And why? So that the Jewish Fashion Industry
can make more money and so that the Jewish drug manufacturers can sell more
pills! Thus, all women are being deceived and swindled by the Jews, the Jewish
doctors, the Jewish garment makers, and the Jews in the Media. And why?

Because women who are forever dieting buy more dresses and visit the doctors
more than do women who are content with their natural weight. When they lose
weight, they celebrate by buying a new dress. When they gain weight, they
camouflage their curves and sooth their egos by buying a new dress. If their weight
remains constant, they buy a new dress as a reward for themselves. Knowing this,
the garment makers spare no expense in brainwashing the People with skinny
fashion models and actresses to model their "Latest Fashions". And to maximize
the swindle, the garment manufacturers each use different dress size
measurements and then change the size measurements at will so that the confused
women have to try on and buy even more dresses that never fit. Since no two
dress makers have the same size standards, women become prey to the wily
merchants who use flattery and fear to sell billions of dollars of more dresses,
cosmetics, underwear and shoes.

And fat women visit the doctors more than do thin women whether their complaints
are real or imaginary. Fat women who feel stressed because of their weight,
visit the doctors to buy more pills and to have the male doctors feel their breasts
and give them a "hand job" disguised as a gynecological examination. For a fee,
of course! (Thus, the male gynecologists are nothing more than a kind of
prostitute who plays "doctor" while sexually servicing his paying female customers.)
And because skinny women do not ovulate very well, the Jews are able to reduce
the population of target races. This is why weight loss and dieting is a swindle.

Fat men are also victims of this Jewish Fashion and Dieting Conspiracy.
And why? Because among ALL OF MANKIND there are three basic body types
of people: Round, fat types; Tall, thin types; and Athletic, muscular types.
All three types of people are necessary for a healthy and normal society.
But when certain types of people are targeted for ridicule and social ostracism,
then you can be assured that the ENTIRE SOCIETY is under attack because a
society CANNOT EXIST if any one of the three basic types of people are forced
into extinction. When the fat people are made to feel inferior; when the fat people
do not realize their worth as individuals or attain their potential as full members of
society; when the fat people are forced to the fringes of society because of ridicule
and induced prejudice, when the fat people are deprived of finding and keeping
a willing marriage partner, then these people dwindle in numbers over the
generations and the entire society falls into decay and extinction. And when you
look to see WHO is doing the finger-pointing and ridiculing fat people, you will
find that the Jewish Media, the Jewish Fashion Industry, the Jewish Cosmetic
Industry, the Jewish Junk Food Industry and the Jewish Medical Monopoly are
the root cause of this suffering and no one else.

However, weight loss and dieting is very important if you are so fat that
it is bad for your health
. Being fat is natural and normal, but being obese leads
to illness, physical discomfort, disease and early death. In this case, Dr. Wu's
little book can be of immense value.

"The Skinny Buddha Weight Loss Method" was specially written by Dr. Wu
to explain the ancient Asian Methods of a slim, trim physic. How many fat
Chinese have you seen? Certainly, there are a few. But the vast majority of
Chinese and Asians, in general, are rather thin. It is not just the foods that they eat,
but the balance of these foods combined with the Ancient Knowledge of Yin and Yang.

This is not mystical nonsense but simple knowledge that you can learn for yourself.

In "The Skinny Buddha Weight Loss Method" you will learn the breathing methods,
mental attitude and food selection techniques that have kept most Asians slim
and trim for centuries. And these methods are cheap, the dietary foods are
delicious and the method works for anyone!!!

                               Order your copy today!

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