The Swastika Saint

The Swaztika represents the Power of an Enlightened Being.

Because this symbol has been used primarily by the Aryan Race,
it has come to be representative of the power of the Caucasian Peoples.
This is a power found with anyone who takes the time to look, with a quiet mind, into one's Self.


The Swaztika Saint
Power Postures for Meditation

The Sitting Swaztika meditation posture, straightens the spine and neck,
loosens and strengthens the joints, ligaments and cartilage,
and allows the Meehan (a.k.a., Qi or Prana) to circulate.



The Spiral Sitting Swaztika Meditation Posture,
additionally twists the spine and neck and allows the Snake Power of Nidhogg to spiral,
both upward and downward, clockwise and counter clockwise, from tailbone to crown of head.
This snake power is directed by the Mind using your inward perception of it.



The Kneeling Spiral Swaztika Posture,
aligns the roots of Yggdrasil and is the basis of the combat swaztika skills.
When Enlightenment is achieved, when Meehan flows and Nidhogg spirals,
one is allowed to wear a torq.


WARNING! These postures are very powerful. Don't be in a hurry to excell in them.
Practicing these postures will re-align your muscle groups, ligaments and joints.
Although they grant great power to the practitioner, they can also cause great damage
IF you break the Primary Health Rule of Aryan Kung-Fu.
WARNING! Do not practice these postures without first memorizing the Primary Health Rule.
The Primary Health Rule of Aryan Kung-Fu is this:
The secrets of Aryan Kung-Fu are found with gentleness and perception of Mind,
not with brute force. Do not ignore the pain warnings of your body.
You cannot hurt yourself if you follow this rule. Memorize it and then practice carefully and gently.
Remember, if you break this rule, it is your own fault, not the fault of the Ancient Bards.
You have been warned. So, please practice with deep breathing and gentle stretching.