Jewish Plastic is Good for China

Produced by the American patriots of 
The Cosmic Wheel Association


If you believe that all of the plastic bottles, bags and broken plastic trash that you "re-cycle" goes to a special, high-tech re-cycling factory, then you have been deceived by the Jews once again. All of your efforts to "Save the Planet" are sabotaged by the Jewish financiers and industrialists who make more money by trashing Mother Earth than they do by re-cycling. Natural products like glass bottles, metal cans, paper wrapping and hemp boxes all re-cycle perfectly but synthetic products like plastic do not.

Jiu-Liang Wang filmed an outstanding documentary on this problem using the example of Red China, but the problem is worldwide. This four minute clip is from his DVD entitled "Plastic China." (You can buy the entire video from; it's really worth the money. It's a great documentary wherein you will learn a lot about modern Red China from behind the scenes.) It shows in China, what the Western plastics industry is doing worldwide with the labor of third world Communist slaves as well as with the poor peoples of Africa and India, in fact, anywhere that the People are so poor that they will pick through Corporate garbage for something to eat.

Remember, all plastic is made from oil. The financiers who control the petroleum-based industries — they alone, all of them —  are the cause of worldwide plastic pollution. The financiers who manufacture and market plastic items are to blame, not the people who buy their synthetic products. Yet, being mostly pious Jews forever looking for a scapegoat to take the blame for their evil deeds, they blame it all on the People who buy their plastic products which are designed to break and be thrown away! The financiers and corporate chiefs make even more money by throwing plastic away so they can sell you new plastic products. Then, they pay pennies to poor people to pick through their trash. It's called "recycling" but it really isn't "re-cycling"; it's concealing ruthless Corporate greed behind both the idealistic work of those who actually care about the Earth as well as the work of the very poor people who dig through the Corporations' garbage dumps for a hand-to-mouth existence. The Financiers and Corporate chiefs don't work; they profit. The recycling of plastic is a world-destroying fraud and a hoax, as you will see in Jiu-Liang Wang's documentary.

The big Chinese billboard in the port city of Tsingdao Harbor reads:

"Always Follow the Communist Party"

The translation of the song being sung in the sound track is:

"The sun rises,
Chairman Mao is dearest.
You opened up the Golden Road.
Forever Chairman Mao.
Your brilliant ideology
is always inspiring me.
You dispersed the clouds and fogs.
Follow Chairman Mao."

You will understand the irony of these slogans and lyrics after watching this four minute video.




The Corporations should be made to pay for the garbage that they create; but they only want to profit and let Mother Nature and the People of the World pay for their garbage. All Corporations should be required to have a strict Government supervision for these business entities who claim to be more powerful than the governments of the People, for the People and by the People.

Let the presidents and CEOs of the Plastics Industries be put to work as squat labor in these world-wide garbage dumps, and you will see how quickly they will modernize the clean up of the messes they have made.

Aryan National advocates a heavy taxation on all plastics manufacturers who produce plastic products that are not 100% recyclable at the place of manufacture. We advocate the world-wide banning of the manufacture of plastic products that are not 100% recyclable.