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                       This library is not open to the general public.

 The Acupuncture College Library

The College Library is a private library open only to students of the College and
to subscribers of the Chinese Swaztika Newsletter ONLY.

   All downloads of books, videos and audio files are free to students.

Please cherish your library privileges and download files only for yourself.
If you wish to share these files with non-students you may do so from your own computer
but please do not give this page address to those who are not students of this College.

      These files are FREE for students and subscribers ONLY.

To download, right click on the file that you want and choose "Save Target As"

                                        Complete Qi Gong Lessons

If you are taking the Acupuncture Course or if you are practicing the Kung-Fu lessons
be sure to download and practice the Qi Gong Lessons as the basis of your good health,
your kung-fu power and your acupuncture skills. Without qi gong, acupuncture is
worthless and kung-fu is weak,

                    Coming soon: Qi gong lessons in Flash format.


To learn the ancient secret of the "Pearl of Great Price", also known as
the "Dragons Pearl" and "Healing Hands" be sure to download this video.

                                The Pearl of Great Price


"The Essentials of Chinese Acupuncture", The complete 448 page textbook in
Adobe Acrobat format with both color and b&w photos and drawings of all meridians
and acupuncture points.

written and compiled by
Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,
Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,
Nanjing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,
and the Acupuncture Institute of the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Foreign Language Press, Beijing, First Edition, 1980.



 The Dragon's Pearl (a.k.a., The Pearl of Great Price)

You have read about it in the Bible,  where it is called the "Pearl of Great Price".
You have seen allusions to it in Chinese paintings and stories from 1,000 BC,
where it is known as the "Dragon's Pearl". But what is this mysterious treasure?
Is it real or myth? Now, you can hold the Dragon's Pearl, the Pearl of Great Price, in
your very own hands as your own personal treasure of power and knowledge.
The complete Pearl of Great Price is given to you on this one and a half minute
video that shows this ancient secret of both Christianity and Chinese Culture.
The video includes two essays by Dr. Wu Tao-Wei explaining the method for
generating chi in your hands and gaining not only the secret of Healing Hands
but for obtaining the ancient secret of the Pearl of Great Price. Download.


                             The Nine Treasure Exercises of Ancient China video

 Learn the complete health system contained in the Nine Treasure Exercises of Ancient China.
Click this link to either stream the video to your desktop or right click to download the
entire video.
This is in Windows Media video format. It is about 49 Mb and is only a small
version for easy web use. Or stream a full sized viewing here.


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