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First understand that our acupuncture philosophy
is epitomized in the teachings of our mentor, Dr. Wu Tao-Wei.

He stated:

"The suffering People should know that any Western physician
who does not understand Chinese acupuncture is only
to practice medicine. Avoid them! Such doctors are fools and devils!
They will treat you with pills and take your money. They have a
Western Medical Degree but they are ignorant of the Life Force!
Also, any Chinese physician who does not know qi gong
not at all qualified to practice acupuncture. Avoid them!
Such doctors are frauds and swindlers! They will treat you
with needles and take your money. They have a Traditional
Chinese Medical Degree but they are ignorant of the Life Force!

"It is impossible for anyone who does not know the circulation of chi
within their own body to understand or to be skillful at acupuncture
or to know how to heal another person. Having a medical degree and
a license to practice medicine does not automatically make you a healer
because the Art of Healing and the Practice of Medicine are very often
two different things.

"Know this, those of you who wish to heal the sick and to alleviate suffering:
the People need healing more than they need doctors. Physician, heal thyself."
                                      -- Dr. Wu Tao-Wei (from his lectures)         

Acupuncture is not a well-known science in the West. It is both ridiculed and relegated to a sort of
pseudo-science status or it is derided as a superstitious folk medicine of Old China. For both political reasons
as well as for personal greed, those who demean acupuncture would rather that the People of the world
suffer and die rather than to be healed of their illnesses. Such groups as the Communists, the Leftists,
the Jews (who control both the pharmaceutical and medical industries) and the Western Physicians
do not want acupuncture to be commonly known in the West, therefore as an antidote to their subversion,

Anyone who is interested can now learn this ancient healing method. And with this knowledge, if you so desire,
you will be able to easily qualify for an acupuncture doctorate at any qualified acupuncture college.
Learn from us for free and save yourself a lot of tuition fees. Martial artists will find our acupuncture course useful
in gaining knowledge of Chinese Medicine and martial cavity-striking techniques as well as for healing.


Why do we give away free acupuncture lessons?
To answer this for yourself, read the eBook,
"Jewish-Communist Brainwashing Techniques"
and you will see that Acupuncture is a cure that the
Communists and their Psychopolitical Operatives try to
keep out of the hands of the People. Therefore, we give
away free acupuncture lessons so that the People
are not betrayed by the criminal conspiracy of Leftist
physicians and psychiatrists who profit from sickness
and therefore ignore whatever offers a real cure.

Also, the Western Medical Conspiracy attempts to suppress
this ancient method of health knowledge and to make what
is cheap and simple into something that is complicated and
expensive. But why should the Western Physicians
make money even as the People suffer and die? And worse,
why should the Western Physicians withhold a cure simply
because it doesn't pay them a fortune to offer it or because
they are too ignorant of True Healing to make use of it?
Therefore, we give away free acupuncture lessons so that
the People may understand the methods for curing themselves
of illness and old age.

Learn the ancient mystery of the circulation of your Life Force
known as CHI. And be well.

You are invited to download the free lessons found HERE.



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