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Videos Banned by the Jews from YouTube

When the two Jews who own Google bought YouTube for over a billion dollars, they were investing in Cultural manipulation. It is well known that the Jews own Hollywood and nearly every other media outlet in the West. So, they have complete control over the kinds of garbage that they can pipe into our living rooms over the TV and into our minds at the movies.

If it is obscene, disgusting, anti-American, anti-white, pro-faggot and Communistic, then the Jews are very enthusiastic about producing more of it in their Media Monopoly.

With YouTube, the people had the opportunity for Freedom of Speech via private video production. But the Jews didn't want Freedom of Speech, they wanted monopolistic control, so they bought YouTube and banned anything that they didn't like.

Videos that showed the Jews to be what they actually are rather than what they want everybody to believe that they are, were banned. Telling the truth about the Jews was forbidden on YouTube.

To allow Freedom of Speech and Opinion, some of the videos that the Jews banned are presented here.
Make up your own mind about them. Don't let a Jew tell you what you are allowed to think about Jews.
After watching some of these videos, you will certainly have your own opinion about the Jews.

None of these videos are obscene or violent, they merely do not praise the Jews enough. So, they were banned.

Working in International Crime families, the Jews loot nations  → → →

A Little English Jew

Behind a mask of religion, the Jews smuggle drugs and diamonds

Jewish Junkies

Jewish author admits that Jews destroy all other peoples → → → → →

Jewish Subversion

Malcomb X Tells it like it is regarding Jews in the ghetto  → → → → →

Malcomb X Chews on the Jews

The Myth of the Good Jew  → → → → →→ → → → →→ → → → →

The Myth of the Good Jew

Forever True: the Historic Speeches of Frazier Glenn Miller → → → →

Forever True



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