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This is a United States Constitution compliant website.
We honor your right to your opinion. If you are not in agreement with the Bill of Rights,
then you are not an American and have no reason to complain about our opinion.


A Nigger in the White House
This is a poem in MP3 format published by the Cosmic Wheel Association


Coming Soon: Jews From Their Lips

Take the Aryan and Chinese Swastika Challenge.
Download or Stream  the Free video entitled
"Three Swastikas of Europe and China" in
Windows Media Video.
What would Jewish History Month be without
your very own copy of Mein Kampf ?
You can never understand World War II or the Jews
without reading this book. Free download.
"Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Jews but Were Afraid to Ask" 

This is a CD-ROM of Acrobat files, software, movies and everything else that you need to learn about the Jews.
A complete study of the creatures including movies
and Adobe Acrobat books.

Christians !!! Click for the bigger picture then

Right Click and choose "Save Target As" to download.
Good picture for coffee mugs and calendars !!!

Good picture for just about everywhere !!!
 Good picture for Tee-Shirt graphics !!!
Jew Face V2.1  for Windows     Jew Face 1.3 -- still the best version
Jew Rats V2.0 for Windows  Forever True: the Historical Speeches of Glenn Miller
Police Patriot V2.4 for Windows  Talmud V2.21 for Windows 
 Proof Positive that the Nazis REALLY DID make
lampshades out of Jewish skin.



(How Italy Found Her Soul)

The True Story of the Fascisti Movement

in Adobe Acrobat Format


The Taiwan Question

Even the Chinese have questions about the Jews.







































We have obtained All Rights to the entire collection of Cosmic Wheel Software.
Although these shareware programs are available on other web sites,
nowhere else will you find the complete selection of these titles.
So, fill in any software titles that are missing from your collection today!

We offer these software titles for educational purposes. These programs
are, in our estimation, the very best of this sort of educational software
anywhere on the Internet.

Just remember: If the Jews hate it, it must be Good.
They hate Jesus and persecute Christians to this very day,
so you know that the Hatred of the Jews has not gone away.

The Jewish lawyers have even devised a special fraud that they call
"hate crimes" as a way of persecuting people who do not praise and
compliment Jews flatteringly enough. But the fact is, that there is no such thing
as a "hate crime" any more than there can be such a thing as a "love crime".
Love and Hate are two sides of the same coin. One cannot exist without the
other. Love and Hate are both necessary parts of being Human. Thus,
the Jewish lawyers are attempting to de-Humanize and to defraud the
People of the entire Earth. By taking away a PART of what makes
us Human, they are attempting to make us LESS than human. And by
making the People less than Human, then the People become closer to
being animals. And unlike People, animals can be better CONTROLLED
by those who claim to be "especially chosen" and "virtuous" and "wise".
This is known as brainwashing and it is practiced by the Jews, the Communists,
the Leftists and the Homosexuals who are backed by such Communist-front
groups as the The American Civil Liberties Union.

When a lawyer tells you who you may love and who you may hate,
then that lawyer is nothing more than a tyrannical monster posing as
a "humanitarian". And you, if you follow his lead, you become nothing
but a slave or a dupe or a fool in the hands of a swindler.

And so, we are offering this software not because we have any particular
philosophy about it but because it fills two needs. (1) It educates the People
about certain historical and religious facts concerning the Jews and Judaism;
and (2) it allows the People to make up their own minds, protected by the
Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution and by the Will of God.

One fact that can easily be proven is: Communism is Jewish.
Another fact is: President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a Jew.
Now, take these two facts and think about their significance in world history.

These and many other things you will learn in this collection of Windows software
from the Cosmic Wheel Association. We are selling these software titles at the
lowest possible price, far below suggested retail. These programs are designed
for increasing your knowledge and amazement. If you know little about
Jews or Judaism, what you learn will amaze you. And if you already know a lot
about Jews and Judaism, HOW these programs teach you EVEN MORE,
will amaze you once again. Guaranteed!

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