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      Customer Endorsements
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"It really has helped my aching knuckles. And actually, 
I was losing my grip in my hand."
S.M., Computer Technician, Los Gatos, CA 1992

"Whenever I have a back ache, I find that practicing even the 
First Exercise [of the Nine Treasure exercises] cures the problem 
for the rest of the day."
J.D., Spokane, WA June 22, 1992

"I have had 15 years of spontaneous, unbearably painful leg 
cramps that are instantly relieved through one, single movement 
of the Nine Treasure Exercises. Thank you, thank you for these 
saving treasures."
-- J.M., Ferrier, Saratoga, CA, July 15, 1993

"Practicing Tai Chi has enhanced my work as a massage therapist 
as well as improving my overall health and well being."
L.B., Holistic Health Practitioner, Los Gatos, CA 1994

"Please send a catalog to ... (CHF)... I already have 
"Hidden Secrets of Oriental Wealth" and studying it. 
I am very impressed."
C.H.F., Baltimore, MD, October 13. 1992

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