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The Beginning Postures

Swastika Saint Power Postures for Meditation

The Elder Futhark

The Nine Standing Runes 

1.      Isa Rune

4. Wunjo Rune

7. Laguz Rune

2.  Algiz Rune

5. Ansuz Rune


3. Tiwaz Rune

6.   Fehu Rune


10. The Eye of Odin


How to Draw a Swaztika V2.0 (QuickTime animation, 1.0 Mb)   
 To draw a perfect swaztika requires a simple trick. Learn the easy, enjoyable way
to draw this mystical geometric shape. This animated video plays in 15 seconds
with Wagner music. After 15 seconds, you will always be able to make perfect
shapes every time.
by download or by floppy disk or eMail attachment.  (1.0 Mb) 

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Swaztika, Sunwheel, Spiral and Tai Chi Symbol Flash 5 Animated Video (67 Kb)   
The above Swaztika V2.0 video shows only how to draw a swaztika. For an
illustration of the interaction between the Swaztika, the Sunwheel, the Spiral
and the Tai Chi symbols, get a Free Download of our Flash 5 animation
by clicking here

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                            The Game of Go                                         
Every Japanese Businessman is required to be expert at this ancient game of strategy.
Learning how to kill the opponent, capture real estate, surround territory, cut and parry,
takes this game of warfare and strategy into the 21st Century. This program runs
in Windows and is a 9-nine version of the game. Free to Newsletter subscribers
and when you order the "Oriental Secrets of Family Wealth".
$1.00 download fee to all others
by download or by floppy disk or eMail attachment.  

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