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Here is the new mantra for curing cancer

Curing Cancer with Baking Soda: What MD's and Naturopaths Don't Know




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                                What is a Mantra?
The word, mantra, is composed of two particles of the Sanskrit language.
“Man”, means “to think” and the helper particle, “-tra” is attached to the
names for tools. So, “mantra” means “a tool to think with”. Mantras can be
used to clear the mind, to create different kinds of mental states, to cause
healing, to tune oneself to God, etc. Usually, a mantra is repeated over 
and over until the desired mental state is achieved.

Mantras perform various kinds of work. Using both sound vibration and
mind intent, miracles DO happen and mantras are a tool for accomplishing
miracles. On the everyday level, most people use mantras without even
knowing what they are doing. For example, a person who is suffering from
some sort of pain, will often groan and moan. The sound vibration along
with their mind intent of wishing for relief, actually produces a lessening
of the pain. This is why they usually continue to moan and groan, because
they do feel such relief and wish to continue the healing action. This sort
is a very low level mantra but one that most people have experienced so
you know from experience that voiced sounds produce physical effects.

On the religious and spiritual level, mantras are used to achieve higher states
of consciousness and even God-consciousness. These mantras carry the mind
and soul to depths of perception and to heights of awareness that would have
been difficult or impossible to achieve without the proper mantra "tools".

The highest knowledge of mantram was achieved by the white conquerors
of ancient India who were known as the Aryans. These highly advanced
people used mantras for both warfare and spiritual attainment. They composed
the great Sanskrit Classics such as Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharata, Ramayana and
the Vedas. The dark-skinned peoples of the Indian subcontinent to this very
day follow the teachings of the ancient Aryans in what is known as Hinduism.

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Mantras for all occasions

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Stress-Reducing Mantra #1
Stress-Reducing Mantra #2
Peaceful Veena
Sweet Veena and Tabla
Vedic Chanting
 Hindu-Muslim Conflict-Solving Mantra
 Hindu-Muslim Greeting Mantra
Muslim Call to Prayer at Medina
Jesus Mantra
Krishna Mantra
Krishna Song Mantra
Odin Mantra



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