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Chinese Swaztika Newsletter  

The Chinese Swaztika Newsletter is your source of
Secret Aryan and Chinese knowledge.

The Chinese Swaztika Newsletter brings you the best of Aryan and
Chinese culture and hidden secrets. Forgotten in the mists of
Time, many of these secrets are only now emerging after
thousands of years.

The Swaztika, the Sunwheel, the Spiral, and the Tai Chi symbols
represent some of these ancient secrets. They represented these
secrets during a time when Man could not read or write and so
used pictures to transmit his mystic knowledge.

One of the secrets of the ancient swaztika that is still unknown by
Modern Man is this:
In the old days (the REALLY olden times) the swastika represented a kneeling man in prayer
with upraised arms as well as the legs and arms of a running man. Thus, it was an image of
good luck and good health and could be drawn in either direction. In later times, people began
to add ideas of positive and negative to it and attribute its direction as representing good or bad.
It's use as a symbol for the sun, was erroneously added to it by later people who had lost the
original idea of prayer to the Almighty and to natural good health. Later still, because its original
meaning had been lost, more modern people thought that the swastika turned in a kind of
aerodynamic way with the legs trailing behind like a pinwheel. For this reason, slanderers falsely
claimed that the Nazi swastika was a symbol for evil. But in fact, the famous Nazi swastika turns
in the proper, clockwise direction for good luck and good health as a running man's arms and legs
running from left to right toward the rising sun.

You will be learning more of these secrets for yourself in the
forthcoming issues of this newsletter as well as getting the
inside scoop on world and national news not found in the
Jewspapers or on the Jew-tube, plus Aryan opinion and insight by
William Forrest, health and wealth tips by Dr. Wu Tao-Wei,
product and technology reviews and historical articles.
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