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                                                                     Do You Know?

Police and Law Enforcement Officers have more health problems than anyone else in America
-- except for coal miners.
Only coal miners have more (although different)  job-related health hazards !!!

The list is very long but stress, high blood pressure, divorce, drug and alcohol abuse, and suicide top the list
for health problems that plague police officers. And then, after a lifetime of devoting their services to society,
instead of enjoying a long and happy retirement, they die young. Many of these health problems are caused
by stress alone -- but junk food, alcohol and drugs all play their part.

    You cops have a tough job!  And the doctors have already proven that they can't help you!

The Western physicians cannot help you because their false system of treatment known as "symptomatic
medicine" is only designed to take your money without actually addressing the CAUSE of the problem.
They treat your symptoms forever and let the cause of the disease remained unchecked. Would you arrest
a dime bag dope addict and let the millionaire drug trafficker go free? Would you arrest a street whore and
let the pimp go free? Certainly you would, if you were a Western doctor using "symptomatic medicine" to fight crime.

Western Medicine operates under a false theory of healing known as allopathic medicine. In addition, the
Scientist and the Western Physicians have no concept of either Chi energy or of proper exercise for
health promotion and stress relief. Also, the physicians make their money by pushing drugs so Natural Nutrition
is beyond their knowledge. They are trained to alleviate symptoms, not to heal disease !!!

Policemen and Policewomen !!! Don't be a victim of ignorant Western Medical Practices and false Western Medical
Theories that have proven themselves NOT TO WORK !!! Your own poor health record  as an entire profession of law
enforcement officers proves that the Western doctors are of no help to you except for the repair of wounds and
accidental damage --  for this, alone, they are great.

But for your general health problems which have put you second from the bottom of all health in the entire country,
the knowledge of the physicians is totally worthless. THEY have already proven this with YOUR professional health record !!!
Don't be a victim of the doctors. Learn the things that they don't know and be healthy !!!

Police Officers !!! You would not take your car to an idiot auto mechanic who said: "I don't know what's wrong with your car.
And even if I did know, I wouldn't be able to fix it. But leave it with me anyway so I can take it apart and put it
back together again. Or maybe I won't be able to put it back together again so I'll just have to leave it in pieces.
And then I'll charge you a lot of money for my professional services." You wouldn't leave your car with such an auto mechanic !!!

So, why would you take your health complaints to physicians who use different words but are saying that same exact thing?
The doctors really can't help you but they give you drugs and "treatments" anyway. And whether you pay them out of
your own pocket or are covered by your medical insurance, the result is the same -- you suffer and die needlessly.
The Western Physicians have already proven that they can't help you. Now, it is time to use your common sense and
to help yourself before the health hazards of your profession ruin your health, ruin your life and ruin your family happiness.

Learn and practice The Nine Treasure Exercises of Ancient China and make stress-related health problems disappear.
These exercises can be practiced at any time and anywhere without even breaking a sweat. In fact, if you sweat while doing
them then you are doing them incorrectly.

                                    Don't be a victim of Western Medical ignorance !!!

               Learn Qi Gong and the secrets of Chinese Kung-Fu Health exercises today !!!

               Order your copy of  "The Nine Treasure Exercises of Ancient China"  now !!!


                And while you are waiting for your copy to arrive,
               ask yourself the Bamboo Delight
Donut Questions:

Question 1. What is the most unhealthy two foods that you can eat?

Answer 1: Sugar and white flour.

Question 2: What is the very worst and most unhealthy way to cook any food?

Answer 2: Deep frying.

Question 3: What is a donut?

Answer 3: The most unhealthy and worst food, cooked in the most unhealthy and worst way.

          Snack on Natural Foods and leave the donuts for the cockroaches !!!

    And order your copy of  "The Nine Treasure Exercises of Ancient China"  today !!! 



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