The Elder Futhark


The World Tree (known as Yggdrasil) is you, yourself.

Odin was a great sage who taught his people transcendental secrets of the world.
You can know and experience these mysteries and great powers for yourself by
looking into yourself, You, the Great Tree who stands between Heaven and Earth .

It is not easy, what Odin did, to stand in the rune postures for nine days,
Hanging in the Tree of Yggdrasil, one standing rune for each day.
But standing or "hanging" in these postures will open the deep mystery of Ginnungagap,
the gap of gaps, the abyss of abysses, the yawning, gaping abyss,

the great void both outside of you and inside of you.

But there is more. Discover the Ancient Power of European Man and Woman,
those mighty ones who left their secrets waiting for you in the Runes


As if holding a staff and deflecting an unfriendly attack backward into Ginnungagap.

Then foreward into Ansuz with a shout of victory.

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