What the Muslim Sharia Laws Will Do To You


by Banjo_Billy, Supreme Mufti to the Ragheads of Mecca



As the Muslims, with their many wives and swarms of booger-nosed urchins, invade the West, you hear a constant demand from them that they want their own laws by which to be ruled. Our laws are not good enough for the holy Muslims. They demand Sharia Laws to be legalized in our Western, Christian democracies. And if we allow them to be ruled by Sharia Laws, they promise not to kill any of us or to bomb our buildings or to rape our daughters because Islam is a religion of peace. Muslim promises are what Muslims believe in and Muslim promises are what they give us. They give us promises that we will be safe from them only if we comply with their demands, demands of peoples whom we have allowed to invade our countries because they promise us that Islam really, really, truly is a religion of peace and that Islam is good for us.


Perhaps our first clue as to whether this so-called “religion of peace” can be trusted in its promises, is to understand that one of the basic foundations of Islam is – drum roll and trumpet blast – the Holy Lie. According to Mohammad (mhrh), Muslims are urged to lie and to deceive non-Muslims. This concept of lying is called in Arabic “taqiyya”, which literally means “concealing, precaution, or guarding.” It is used to disguise one’s beliefs, intentions, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions or strategies from non-Muslims. In other words, an Arabic dictionary definition of “taqiyya” is lying, dissimulation, deceiving, vexing and confounding with the intention of deflecting attention, foiling or pre-emptive blocking. Taqiyya is primarily employed in fending off and neutralizing any criticism of Islam and for deceiving non-Muslims from learning the true goals and intentions of Islam. By the Sharia Laws, Muslims make a habit of lying to non-Muslims because lying is a basic teaching of Islam. Thus, even before they inveigle us to give them Sharia Laws, the Muslims are lying to us simply because they are all lying Muslims.


By the Sharia Laws regarding taqiyya, Muslims may lie even under oath in testimony before a court. A Muslim is even permitted to deny or denounce his faith if, in so doing, he protects or promotes the interests of Islam. He may deny Islam with his lips just as long as he remains faithful to Islam in his heart. Mohammad (mhrh) approved lying to and deceiving non- Muslims most especially if such lies can be used to murder Infidels. And who is an Infidel? You are, of course, if you are not a Muslim because under Sharia Law the world is only composed of Muslims and Infidels. According to Sharia Law, it is the duty of every Muslim to murder all Infidels. That means you.


So, you see, when a Muslim tells you that Islam is a “religion of peace” he is lying to you. Moreover, anything else he may say, can also be false if he sees that he can personally benefit or that Islam can benefit from deceiving you. The truth of Islam is that the Muslims are liars and they were taught to be liars by Mohammad (mhrh). Muslim lies benefit Muslims and destroy you, so Mohammad (mhrh) recommends that Muslims tell lies to you unworthy Infidels.


When you hear the Muslims demand that they really want to have Sharia Law so that they can live in peace among you, then you’d better really, really, really understand what they are trying to get you to agree to. If the Muslims lie to you about Islam being a religion of peace while they simultaneously blow themselves to smithereens in an attempt to kill as many people as possible; or when the Muslims tell you about Islam being a religion of peace as they cut the throats of every non-Muslim that they can catch after raping all the little girls; or when they tell you about Islam being a religion of peace as they murder Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and atheists in every country that they infiltrate or conquer in warfare, can you really believe any of their promises since they prove by their actions to be such grotesquely hypocritical and murderous liars? How can Muslim promises compare with the actual facts of Muslim violence, murder, rape, arson and mayhem worldwide? What good are Muslim promises when their promises are nothing but lies? And why does this “religion of peace” use lies to promote its goals? A true religion uses Truth while a false religion uses lies.


Mohammad (mhrh) taught that warfare is deceit. So, if the Muslims deceive you, doesn’t this mean, according to their very own teachings, that they are at war with you?


Islam is a religion of promises. Mohammad (mhrh) made a lot of promises to Believers in order to get them to go along with his deluded fantasy. But the promises of Mohammad (mhrh) are rather demonic when you actually inspect them. Mohammad (mhrh) promised that Allah was whispering into his ear. Those voices in Mohammad’s head promised that in the future, good Muslims would go to a wonderful Paradise after they died composed of luscious gardens filled with fruit trees, houses made of solid gold, virgin women who would have sex with them everyday forever and cool streams of delicious water. For Arabs sweating under the Arabian sun, frying their feet on the hot sands and masturbating under their robes at the very sight of a woman’s ankle, Mohammad’s promises were alluring. But what would these primitive camel-eaters have to do to get the reward of such a Muslim paradise? All the Muslims would have to do was murder all of the non-Muslims, rape and enslave their women, steal their gold and take their lands and houses and livestock for themselves while screaming that Allah is great and Mohammad is his prophet. That’s not too difficult of a belief system, is it?


Can you see why Islam was so attractive to the smelly camel rustlers of Arabia? By killing their neighbors, not only could the Muslims get free food, free houses, free loot, sex slaves and concubines in this life, but they would get them in even greater abundance even after they died. Mohammad (mhrh) even promised that all of the women in Paradise are guaranteed to be virgins forever. It was a win-win situation for everybody except the Infidels.


Islam promises the Muslims a paradise in a future heaven, if they will turn the present world into a bombed out, burnt out, raped and blood-dripping hell today. In spite of its promises, of which there are many, this is one reason why Islam is a false religion. Muslims are willing to turn the present world into a blood-drenched Hell for the promise of a future Paradise after they die. Such a deal! Mohammad (mhrh) knew that the Arabs were stupid to believe such promises and Islam is proof positive of how stupid the Muslims really are. All that the Muslims ask of you is that you be even dumber than they are and grant them Sharia law.


One might ask: If the Muslims are such transparent liars while promising to be so truthful, then who is this great god that they are so enthusiastic about? Muslims are always shouting “Allahu Akbar” or “God is Great” whenever they cut somebody’s throat or throw bombs into crowds of civilians. So obviously, this God of the Arabs must really be something wonderful, if murdering people to please Allah is so great. Well, this is again a matter of “taqiyya”, telling lies for the sake of Islam. You can see what lies the Muslims tell about God by the facts found in the archaeology of ancient Arabia.


You see, Al-Lah was the Moon God of medieval Arabia. Those wandering Arab tribesmen who made it a habit to deflower their young, virgin camels at every opportunity believed that the moon was the greatest god because it was in the sky more than the sun. That makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? The Moon God was the chief god of Arabia. Praying to Al-Lah the Moon God meant to bow down with your face to the ground and to stick your butt up into the air in order to moon the Moon God. And that is what Muslims do today, sticking their butts into the air five times a day in what they call salat or “prayer”.


When Mohammad (mhrh) was trying to unify the Arabian Peninsula under his dictatorship, he found it useful to call those weak-brained, stupid camel jockeys to worship a god that they already worshipped. By sticking their butts into the air five times a day, they would not have to strain their sunburned brains on too much thinking about what they were actually doing. Only instead of worshipping Al-Lah, the moon god, Mohammad (mhrh) claimed that what they were really worshipping was the greatest god in the Universe, who just happened to have the exact same name as the Moon God so as not to confuse anybody. So, to keep their weak and stupid minds on the fact that Allah was the greatest god, the Muslims put a crescent moon on their flags for good luck and switched from worshipping the Moon God, Al-Lah, to worshipping the only god, Allah. These are the facts of the history of Arabia and of the science of archaeology. Allah is the Moon God of ancient Arabia who was given a promotion by Mohammad (mhrh) from being one among many gods, to being the only god, the god who would grant them a golden paradise full of sexy virgins if they told lies, looted cities and killed Infidels.


It is obvious that Mohammad (mhrh) was using taqiyya on the Arabs because if Allah is so great, then why does he need Muslims to help him kill people? Isn‘t Allah a big enough god to do it all by himself? And why does Allah need Muslims to defend his precious honor from insult? Can’t he defend his own honor from the nay-sayers and mocking infidels who laughed at Mohammad (mhrh) because they knew what a lunatic that Mohammad (mhrh) really was?


The medieval Arabs then, just as they do today, measured their manhood by how successfully they were at deceiving and lying to other Arabs. They all used taqiyya on each other because it was part of Arabian culture and camel-trading skills. They were a country full of used camel salesmen. Today, they use taqiyya on modern people, lying to us and concealing every evil thing that is found in Islam, that false religion with “Peace” on its bloody lips and murder in its perfidious heart.


Mohammad – the demon prophet of Islam who heard voices in his head – was a ruthless terrorist, a mass-murderer, a thief, a liar, a slave trader, rapist, pedophile and he hated women so he oppressed and enslaved them. Yet, the Muslims of today adore him because of his fancy promises to them that they can attain Paradise by killing every non-Muslim and stealing our stuff. Mohammad (mhrh) became the top hero of every Muslim, the one whom they try to copy as much as possible in their own deceiving and miserable lives today, the one after whom they name all fifty of their boy children. With wealth and limitless rape guaranteed in this life along with promises of even more wealth and limitless sex in the Muslim paradise after they die, Islam became the most popular religion in feudal Arabia. It was popular among the Muslims because in feudal Arabia anyone who was not a Muslim was tortured and killed. Once they could no longer hear the shrieks and screams of tortured Infidels being mutilated or the sounds of squawking buzzards feeding on their corpses, then Islam became a religion of peace in the quiet desert air. But in modern times, as long as the Muslims have loud-speakers atop their mosques so that they can scream their gibberish five times a day into the surrounding neighborhoods of non-Muslims, no one has had any peace at all.


The Muslims hypocritically demand that we grant them the freedom of religion that we proclaim is one of our great boons to Humanity, but will they also guarantee us freedom of religion under the Muslim Sharia Laws? If they lie to us even before they get Sharia Law, how will the Muslims treat us after they get Sharia Law? If they claim to be “good Muslims” while they riot, murder, rape, arson and bomb our people and our countries for the sake of Allah or for avenging insults to Mohammad before they get Sharia Law, will they be better Muslims living among us after they get Sharia Law?


To answer this question, we must not look at what Sharia Law means for Muslims because, after all, to hell with the Muslims. We must look at what Sharia Law means for Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists and other non-Muslims. If we let the Muslims live under their Sharia Law, what will Sharia Law do for us? Or rather, what will Sharia Law do to us?


Several years ago, the Saudi Arabian Sheikh Marzouq Salem Al-Ghamdi explained in a sermon the terms in which an Islamic society should tolerate the presence of non-Muslims in their midst. That is, he explained the Sharia Laws that are applied to non-Muslims in every country where Muslims are allowed to practice Sharia Law. Remember as you read these laws, that because the Muslims believe that Sharia Laws were given to them by Allah through Mohammad (mhrh) that these are eternal laws valid for all time. Thus, Sharia Laws are not up for negotiation.


So, what are these Sharia Laws of ancient Arabia under which non-Muslims must submit even in modern times? Here are a few of them:


● If the infidels live among the Muslims, in accordance with the conditions set out by the Prophet (mhrh) — then they must pay the Jizyah tax to the Islamic treasury.


A tax to the Muslims? What is this? You Infidels have never heard of the Jizyah tax? Well, under Sharia Law, that is a special tax that only non-Muslims must pay. The Jizyah tax equals one-fourth of everything you own, paid to the Muslims every year or they will chop your head off. Now, if you add this one-fourth of your property to the 30% or more in taxes that you pay to the treasonous politicians who have allowed these filthy, thieving Muslims into our countries, you will see that under Sharia Law, you won’t have anything left but to sell yourself into slavery. Oh, yes, by-the-way, the Muslims also forgot to tell you that under Sharia Law, slavery is legal.


The only countries in the world where slavery is still allowed, are Muslim countries. The slaves are always non-Muslims. In the Sudan today, the primary reason someone is enslaved is because they are Christian. Slavery is legal under the eternal Sharia Laws of Allah and Mohammad (mhrh). And in Saudi Arabia today, the horny Muslim sheiks enslave Thai and Philippino women whom they have lured to Arabia under the promise of work as maids and housekeepers. After raping them over a number of years, they take them into the desert and murder them. But it’s okay for them to do that because they are Muslim men and the women are Infidel women. And Islam is a religion of peace – the Arabian sand is very peaceful as it blows softly across these raped and murdered women’s graves.


● Under Sharia Law, non-Muslims must stand up in awe and respect when a Muslim wishes to sit down. And if a Muslim wishes to sit in your chair when he enters a restaurant or bus, then you must vacate the chair where the Muslim wishes to sit. If you do not do this, then the Muslims will beat or even kill you for “insulting” Islam.


● Under Sharia Law, in addition to the Jizyah Tax, non-Muslims are required to feed for three days any Muslim who passes by their homes. Moreover, if you refuse to feed any Muslim who knocks on your door, then the Muslim community has every right under Sharia Law to beat or kill you or burn down your house while you are asleep. You have insulted Islam and failed to do your duty to a Muslim, so you must be punished.


● Of course, these free meals cannot also include beer or wine because it is forbidden for either Muslims or non-Muslims to drink alcoholic beverages under Sharia Law. So, all bars, liquor stores, breweries and distilleries are forbidden. Under Sharia Law, there would be no criminal subculture of the Roaring Twenties America with bootlegged alcohol and gangsters because not only the gangsters but their customers who drank alcohol would have their heads chopped off or perhaps their tongues cut out after being given a thousand lashes with a leather whip. “Allah is Merciful”, is one of the Muslim lies because there is no mercy in the Sharia Laws.


● Under Sharia Law, only Muslims are allowed to own swords, guns or other weapons. The non-Muslims under Sharia Law must be completely disarmed and defenseless. To break this law and be caught with a firearm, knife or other weapon, means a thousand lashes and having your head cut off as an enemy of Islam.


● Perhaps you think that you can evade these laws by dressing like a Muslim and pretending to be a Muslim. It is against Sharia Law to imitate Muslims in dress and speech. Furthermore, all non-Muslims must shave their hair off in front in order to make us easily identifiable.


● Oh, but you are a Christian, are you, who believes what the lying Mohammad (mhrh) says about how much Muslims must respect the “People of the Bible”? Well, that was merely Mohammad’s taqiyya that doesn’t mean a thing. Besides paying the Jizyah tax to the Muslim treasury, shaving off your hair in front, wearing non-Muslim clothes with wide belts for easy targeting as Infidels, Christians must not attempt to ease the burden of our second class status by wearing Muslim clothing, caps, turbans, sandals, hairstyles, or imitating their speech, nicknames and title names, or to collect weapons of any kind or to carry these weapons. To do so, means that we can be beaten, tortured or killed by any Muslim or by roving gangs of Muslims at any time. Christians must tiptoe around and show ourselves to be humbled and subdued by Islam. And how else do Christians show ourselves to be subdued by Islam?


● Under Sharia Law, Christians are not allowed to erect a cross on church buildings, to parade them in public, or to display Bibles in public.


● Under Sharia Law, Christians are forbidden to ring church bells even once a week on Sundays. But the Muslims have the right to shout their gibberish into loud-speakers five times a day in their call to prayer.


● Under Sharia Law, Christians are forbidden to raise our voices during prayer or to recite from the Bibles inside our own churches in the presence of Muslims.


● Under Sharia Law, Christians are forbidden to renovate a church or a monastery or to rebuild ones that were destroyed. So, once the Muslims riot and burn down a church, it is not allowed to be rebuilt.


● Under Sharia Law, Christians are forbidden to strike a Muslim. If they do, they may be killed by any Muslim who wishes to kill them for such an insult to Islam.


● Under Sharia Law, Christians are forbidden to prevent anyone from becoming a Muslim, but any Muslim who wants to become a Christian will be murdered. Christians who attempt to convert Muslims to Christianity may be beaten and killed under the laws of Sharia. Hundreds of Christians are killed every year in Muslim countries for nothing more than preaching the Gospel. What else can Islam be other than a false religion for lying devils?


● After promising to follow all the Sharia Laws that the Muslims decree for subjugating Christians and Jews, these subjugated Christians are required to claim that such laws are, quote, “the conditions that we set against ourselves and followers of our religion in return for safety and protection. If we break any of these promises that we set for your benefit against ourselves, then the Muslim promise of protection is broken and you Muslims are allowed to do with us what you are allowed of people of defiance and rebellion.” In other words, the subjugated Christians and Jews agree that the Muslims can enslave, torture, rape, steal from and murder them, if they break any of the Sharia Laws. In modern times, this is called the Protection Racket and it is felony in every country. But the Protection Racket of Islam is legal for the swinish Muslims under Sharia Law.


● Under Sharia Law, Muslims who convert to any other religion are to be murdered. Like joining a criminal gang, once one becomes a Muslim the only way out is through death. Islam grows by limitless sex with wives and concubines and by accepting new converts; but once in, no one is allowed to leave Islam alive.


● Under Sharia Law, criticism of Islam or criticism of the Muslims is a death sentence for the Infidel who dares to speak his mind or to offer his opinion about this demon cult of primitive camel jockeys. Muslims must be respected or they will kill you. It’s as simple as that. Any Muslim who kills you for breaking any of the Sharia Laws or for insulting Islam or for criticizing Muslims, will have a place of honor among the other Muslims. This “honor” among these primitive Bedouin moon worshippers is a matter of big egos residing in tiny little insect minds.


● Under Sharia Law, Christians and Jews are very lucky because Allah in his mercy gives them three choices – conversion to Islam, subjugation with the Jizya taxes or death by decapitation and other means of murder. However, for atheists and pagans or poly-theists such as Hindus, there are only two choices – conversion to Islam or death.


● Under Sharia Law, you will never have a fair trial in a Muslim court because Islamic legislation does not recognize the validity of the oath of a non-Muslim against that of a Muslim.


This is the “pure Islam” of the Taliban, of Saudi Arabia, and of everywhere the Sharia holds sway—this is the Islam that cuts off the hands of thieves, crushes homosexuals under brick walls, stones to death adulterers and executes converts to Christianity. However, because Mohammad (mhrh) hated women and raped scores of them, women suffer the most under Islam.


● Under Sharia Law, women are a man’s property to do with as he pleases.


● Under Sharia Law, men have authority over women because God has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. (Sura 4:34). Thus, Muslim women are chattel to be bought and sold. They are Muslim whores who are allowed to live because the man pays for them.


● Under Sharia Law, women are like fields to be sown and men may have sex with them whenever they want to have sex. (Sura 2:223). The husband is only obliged to support his wife when she gives herself to him or offers to, meaning she allows him full enjoyment of her person and does not refuse him sex at any time of the night or day. Using the excuse of “Oh, not tonight; I have a head ache,” might get the Muslim woman a severe beating if she doesn’t have sex with her husband upon demand.


● Under Sharia Law, good women are obedient. But disobedient women must be beaten into submission by their husbands, or punished in various ways until they are willing to please to their husbands. (Sura 4:34).


● Under Sharia Law, Muslim women must have their husbands’ permission even to venture outside their homes. And if they do anything, real or imagined, that impugns a Muslim maniacs alleged “honor” he may kill her with either knife or gun or beat her to death. And he will not serve prison time because he is such an honorable Muslim.


● Under Sharia Law, Muslim divorce laws can force a woman into virtual prostitution. To divorce a wife, all the Muslim man has to do is say three times, “I divorce you. I divorce you. I divorce you.” And that’s it. He can kick her out of the house and marry someone else.


● Under Sharia Law, after a Muslim has divorced the same woman three times, he cannot marry her again until she has married and been divorced by another man. Consequently, in some places, notably the Iranian “holy” city of Qom, there are men who make a living as paid Muslim gigolos or “one-night husbands”. They marry thrice-divorced women, consummate the marriage in a one-night stand, and divorce them the next day. These “holy” Muslim women can then lawfully go back to their families. Or they can get married to some other Muslim who is so tired of screwing his goats and camels that he actually breaks down and marries a slut that is called a Muslim woman. All Muslim women are nothing but abused and beaten whores and it is Islam and the teachings of Mohammad (mhrh) that has made them into whores. And it is Sharia Law and barbaric Muslim marriage customs that perpetuate their whoredom.


● Under Sharia Law, the Muslim man is free to consort with virtually as many women as he chooses, for Islam also sanctions polygamy. The limitless, un-birth-controlled numbers of Muslim locusts invading Western countries are a result of this Muslim lust and promiscuity.


● Under Sharia Law, a Muslim man is permitted to have four wives at one time. However, serial divorce, numerous concubines, sex slaves and “temporary marriages of an hour or two” allow him a practically unlimited number of women. These are all-important reasons why the poor, the ignorant, the perverted, the sex-starved and the Negroes are attracted to Islam, a religion that offers every man a piece.


● Under Sharia Law, in Egypt, a great many men have taken advantage of Islam’s negligible divorce laws and have married twenty or thirty women in no more than ten years. By the same token, women of no great age have married more than a dozen men, one after the other. Is it any wonder that Muslim men want their women veiled from head to toe to cover up the fact that Muslim women are nothing but prostitutes? Or that Muslim women actually beg to be veiled from head to toe to cover the shame of their subjugation to the perverse, enslaving and degrading vices of Muslim men?


But is unlimited sex satisfying to the circumcised perverts and child molesters who inhabit Muslim society? Of course not! Perversion is a bottomless pit into which Muslims are forever lost. For example, the Muslim country of Pakistan leads the world in Google searches for animal sex, child sex and rape sex. But it’s all okay because the Muslim Paradise is filled with lusty women who are forever virgins even after you rape them. That is what the voices in Mohammad’s head promised the Muslims.


● Under Sharia Law, you lesbian feminists in the West will love this one. A woman who is raped and complains about it before a Sharia court of law, will be imprisoned, lashed with a whip and probably executed. Why? Because a woman’s testimony only counts half of that of a man. So, to prove rape, she must have two men who actually witnessed the penetration to testify on her behalf. Or if she cannot find two men who witnessed the rape and were close enough to witness the actual penetration, then she must find four women who witnessed her rape. And if she cannot find such impossible witnesses, then she is arrested, imprisoned, beaten, further raped while in prison and possibly executed. And why? Because she admitted to having illegal sex with a man. That’s Islam at its finest. And the Muslims want to bring Islam to your neighborhood very soon. If you let them have Sharia Law so they can rape and murder you, then your neighborhood will become their neighborhood and you, too, will either bow low towards Mecca with your butt in the air or the Muslims will kill you.


And that is why the Muslims demand to have Sharia Laws because Sharia Laws give Muslims the right to steal our country, rape our women and murder us if we don’t submit to them like their bitches. But Western countries are controlled by sell-out, treasonous politicians and perfidious Jews who should be hung and who are purposely destabilizing our country by importing these Muslim devils. Thus, if you object to Muslim demands then our own brainless police will toss you into prison for interfering with the Muslim’s freedom of religion which white people have fought so hard to guarantee for all people.


But Islam is not a true religion. Islam is a false religion. Islam is of the devil and Mohammad (may he rot in hell) is the devil’s prophet, deceiving Believers into trading the mere promise of a future paradise in exchange for creating a present day bloody hell. Such a deal we can do without. So, kick these damned Muslims out of our countries and lock the door. The only Sharia Law they deserve is their own condemnation: either they leave or they die. To hell with the Muslims; and to hell with the politicians who brought them here. Kick one out and hang the other.