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If you sit on your ass driving a truck, then you need the Nine Treasure Exercises.

You sure don't feel like jumping around much after a long haul. But a good stretch
and some limbering up before walking into the greasy spoon diner, is always welcome.
The main trouble is, doctors know as much about proper exercise as a horned toad knows
about a square dance. So, you really can't trust doctors to give you advice on staying healthy
when their own knowledge is so poor. If the doctors were as good as they brag about, then
truck drivers wouldn't be dying of so many preventable diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

Of course, you can't blame heart attack and diabetes on poor exercise as much as you can
blame it on the doctors. The fact is, when a trucker eats greasy fries and hamburgers, pours pots of
coffee down his own gullet at all hours of the night and day, slops sugar syrup on his white flour
flapjacks, and slathers his white flour toast with jelly then uses that to sop up some hog grease
from off his plate, that trucker is going to get a heart attack sooner or later and diabetes for sure.

If the doctors were worth their pay, they would warn good truckers of proper nutrition and rally against
junk food. But the doctors make money off of sick people, so they keep their mouths shut and just count
their profits.

Truckers! If you want to stay healthy, then you got to do it yourself. And you police officers have some
of the same problems, so listen up.

First, if you smoke tobacco, then you are doing the worst thing you can do to yourself. So, unless
you quit smoking, then there is no hope for you. You might as well drive your tractor into a
cement abutment and commit suicide since you are already committing suicide anyway by smoking.
Everybody who has ever died of lung cancer, has regretted smoking. High blood pressure and
heart disease is no fun, either.

Second, obesity in truck drivers can be cured and prevented but you have to do it yourself. It is
a simple matter to start learning what Natural Foods are and avoiding junk food. Junk food is
anything that has sugar and white flour in it and is packed in boxes and cans. The Jews make
a lot of money with junk foods and they aren't bashful about selling them to you even if you die.

Click the Police Officer link for the Donut Problem. Sugar and white flour are poison, don't eat them.

Third, exercise is as important to a human as movement is to the hinges on your cab. If you don't
take the time to exercise, then your joints get squeaky, your muscles get out of tune, your balance
is off and you will strain your back, lose your balance, twist your ankles, stumble and fall
and then how can you make a living when you're all fucked up? But the exercise that is usually
taught by the doctors and western specialists, is not the best exercise. Chinese exercises are the
best. You don't sweat, you don't strain, you don't pant or breathe hard, but all of your joints and
muscles get tuned up and stay tuned.

For example, the usual trucker complaints such as ringing ears, neck pain and low back pain
can be cured and prevented with the Nine Treasure Exercises but western exercises can't touch
these problems. Of course, ulcers, which are another trucker complaints, are caused by junk foods
bacteria. But hypertension is easily cured with the Chinese exercises of The Nine Treasures.

Also, hemorrhoids is a problem that is solved when you use proper breathing methods such as
the Free Qi Gong lessons that we offer and you stay away from junk foods. Also, whether you
have hemorrhoids or not, if you sit on your ass to make a living, then take Dr. Wu's advice
and wipe your butt with a paper towel soaked in 70% rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) at least once
or twice or three times a day. This will kill the bacteria that itch and infect your asshole from sitting
down too long. It's amazing how many people have trouble sleeping just because their assholes itch.

Also, when you learn the meditational breathing methods of Qi Gong, not only do you say refreshed
while you are awake, but you get a deep and sound sleep wherever you are. Deep breathing takes
practice, and there is no better place to practice than in the cab of a truck. Why do you think so many
of those turban-wearing Sikhs like to drive trucks? Besides their smuggling activities, Sikhs like to drive
trucks and taxis because it gives them time to practice deep breathing and meditation. You will never
find a Sikh truck driver suffering from the illnesses that plague Western truck drivers. Diet, yoga and deep
breathing are the reasons. So, stay away from junk foods, practice Qi Gong and learn the
Nine Treasure Exercises of Ancient China.
Available for immediate download.



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