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Aryan National USA, where all problems are solved.

With the worldwide pollution of the lands and oceans by plastic products, Aryan National calls for a worldwide ban on the manufacture of all plastic products, sheets, nets, containers or fibers that are not 100% recycled by the original manufacturers. Saving the environment should start at the original source. Glass, wood, hemp, bi-metal and aluminum recycle. Plastics do not recycle; they plug up the ecosystems.

Aryan Nationalism USA is an American political, social, philosophical, religious and physical culture system, originating in the United States of America and based upon the natural rights and talents of the Caucasian Race and the States Rights tradition of the U.S. Constitution.

Aryan Nationalism embraces all races of people in their natural order and promotes peace and plenty through the Three Precious Gems. The Three Precious Gems are: the Family, the Society and the Nation. These Three Precious Gems are held together through personal knowledge of the Great Spirit and through enforcement of the All-Mighty Goods and Bads. As applied to the Three Precious Gems, the All-Mighty Goods and Bads are expressed by Aryan Nationalism as follows:

☯ What is good for the Family is good and must be promoted.
☯ What is bad for the Family is bad and must be suppressed.
☯ What is good for Society is good and must be promoted.
☯ What is bad for Society is bad and must be suppressed.
☯ What is good for the Nation is good and must be promoted.
☯ What is bad for the Nation is bad and must be suppressed.
☯ Every person is personally responsible to your Family, your Society and your Nation to enforce and suppress the All-Mighty Goods and Bads.

As a political system, Aryan Nationalism promotes patriotism and adherence to the intent of the Founding Fathers and the declaration of States Rights as a first principle in politics. On the international level, Aryan Nationalism promotes the talent and intrinsic power of the Caucasian Race in improving all of Mankind, but beginning this improvement first with our own people.

As a social system, Aryan Nationalism promotes mutual aid and harmony among neighbors and encourages social gatherings, picnics, feasting and partying, but not debauchery or drunkenness.

As a philosophical system, Aryan Nationalism promotes logic based in Greek thought and modern science while also supporting metaphysical truths found wholly in the discoveries of the individual Seeker.

As a religious system, Aryan Nationalism adheres to the fact that all of the great religions of the world were founded by Caucasian saints from the Indo-European sphere, such as Krishna, Buddha, Bodhidharma, Odin, the Celtic Druids and Jesus, while the fake religions of the world were founded by Semites as expressed in the false religions of Judaism and Islam.

As a physical culture system, Aryan Nationalism blends Western medicine with Naturopathic and European Herbalism and Chinese Medicine, so as to produce health and healing while avoiding as much as possible the Jewish-for-profit medical system as practiced in the West.

Aryan Nationalism recognizes that the natural state of Man and of Woman is joy and happiness. These are Good and should be promoted. Anything that leads to suffering or debauchery is Bad and should be suppressed.

As a Legal System, Aryan Nationalism is lenient to those who are good; and severe to those who are bad. So, Aryan Nationalism always promotes the Good.

Some examples of the Laws of Aryan Nationalism are these Laws for the Protection of the People:

1. It is criminal behavior for any person or corporation to swindle the People of their wealth, their homes or their nation through banking or financial schemes.

2. It is criminal behavior for any person or corporation to defraud the People of their health through fake medicines, unnatural foods or insurance scams.

3. Conception is the beginning of Life. Therefore, abortion is murder. Murderers deserve execution.

Society is enlivened when negative influences are removed. Aryan Nationalism promotes the removal of negative influences so that real progress and growth can be achieved. Only in this way is the Bad reduced and the Good achieved. Only in this way can the Caucasian Peoples take their rightful and natural place as leaders of the world and as worthy examples to be emulated by the rest of Mankind.

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