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Frazier Glenn Miller,
American Patriot


Very Few Have the Courage to Defend Their Country on a Daily Basis.
Most are content to let somebody else do it for them.


Frazier Glenn Miller is a very misunderstood white man.

While lesser men stood down and ran away from the Enemy, Glenn Miller charged into their very teeth. He has had a varied and interesting life of which this sole page cannot do justice but his teachings and his example for others shines through.

If you watch this one video and listen to this one talk show interview,
you will know the greatness of Glenn Miller, American Patriot.

The Cosmic Wheel Association has asked that a page be devoted to this great American patriot. Anyone who has video or audio clips of Glenn Miller are invited to contribute them via our newsletter address.


Frazier Glenn Miller's Speeches : Forever True


This is a one hour video featuring the great variety of Glenn Miller's leadership skills, political organizing, debates and lectures, all for the defence and protection of White People everywhere. Those white people of America, Europe, Australia, South Africa, Russia and elsewhere, who can't help but notice the numerous influx of non-white peoples swarming all over our lands, can thank the Jews for that. Immigration both legal and illegal is a tool of the International Jews for genociding the white race. Glenn Miller knew of this conspiracy many years ago, as this video clearly explains.


Glenn Miller also ran for the U.S. Senate. In this MP3 audio recording, Glenn Miller is giving an interview with the potty-mouth Jew, Howard Stern, in New York. It was a call-in interview and try as the Jews might, they were no match for the oratory of Glenn Miller. He might be an American country boy, but all of the lies of the Jews were no match for his Truth.

This interview took place on the Howard Stern Show, on April 7, 2010

What Glenn Miller is speaking about, is still 100% true to this day. And it is instructive to hear how true he was about Jewish ownership of the Media. Even when the Jews pretend to be "open-minded" and "fair" in their presentations but, because they control the Media, they always have the final word.

That the Jews own the Media is a fact. Listen to Howard Stern and his henchmen lie and deceive about it. They could not debate him on the issues because the Jews are liars and Glenn Miller told the truth. But in this example, which is practiced on the Jewish Media worldwide, they heaped abuse and slander against Mr. Miller AFTER he had signed off and could not defend himself from their vileness.

You see it on television every day with the Jewish slanders and assaults against President Donald Trump. All falseness, slanders and innuendo, this is an example of how Jews betray Truth via their ownership of the Media. As Jesus taught about them, the Jews are "liars, deceivers, hypocrites" and they are murderers of the Truth.

But Frazier Glenn Miller is Forever True.


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