America was founded and built by the white people of Europe. It is a country where the People are protected from tyrannical government by the First Ten Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.
No other country in the world guarantees as much freedom to the People as in the USA. So, no matter what country you live in, you should insist that your own government incorporate these Amendments into your own National Charter.

Those who visit here, are welcome to take American ideas of government and Society back to your own countries for implimentation. But while you are here, either cherish the freedoms that you are granted and respect the Caucasian Founders for what they have done for the entire world, or else leave and don't come back because you are not our friends or our fellow countrymen. By rejectng our values, you declare yourselves to be our enemies. No country should allow enemies within its borders no matter what hypocritical guise or pretense they assume upon entry, whether of immigrants or of refugees.






































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This is a United States Constitution compliant website.
We honor your right to your opinion. If you are not in agreement with the Bill of Rights, then you are not an American and have no reason to complain about our freedom of opinion and freedom of the press. So, go back to your own country and remain an idiot.


"The greatest problem in the world today is not the Jews and their evil deeds; the greatest problem in the world today is the Christians who do not believe what Jesus taught about the Jews."

Christian Criminal, a poem in MP3 format
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Jewish Plastic is Good for China

What actually happens to all of the plastic bottles you recycle?

Always remember: Plastic containers destroy the ecology of the world, but the Jews make money from plastic, so it's alright.

Use only containers made of glass, paper, cardboard, bi-metal, aluminum, or hemp.
These can all be recycled.
Plastic is an ecological disaster.

The Jewified and dumbed-down school systems of the USA and Europe, teach the History of World War II while claiming that Adolf Hitler was a madman whose book should never be read. "No! No! Don't read the book that started it all! Read the books written by the lying Jewish historians that all of your Jewish teachers recommend!"

It is impossible to understand the reasons for WWII without reading Hitler's Mein Kampf. Who are you going to believe? The Jews who want you to learn only their lies? Or the man who defied the Jews and wrote Mein Kampf?

(How Italy Found Her Soul)

The True Story of the Fascisti Movement
in Adobe Acrobat .PDF Format

The Deadly Enemy of the Ordinary Man: The Democratic Party,
a speech by Dinesh D'Souza

Given one week before the Clinton-Trump 2006 Presidential Debate.
One of the world's greatest speeches.

Jew Face V1.3
for Windows 

What does a Jew look like? Do you know? This software shows every variety of Jew so you will always be able to spot them even in a crowd.

Jew Face V2.1
for Windows

This all new version of Jew Face has many, more modern Jews, some of whom may surprise you. But V1.3 is still the most educational. So, download and study both!

Forever True: the Historical Speeches of Frazier Glenn Miller

The Jewish Swine of the Babylonian Talmud

Google Wanted for Treason

Jews From Their Lips
New titles Coming Soon!



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Just remember: If the Jews hate it, it must be Good.
They hate Jesus and persecute Christians to this very day,
so you know that the Hatred of the Jews has not gone away.

The Jewish lawyers have even devised a special fraud that they call
"hate crimes" as a way of persecuting people who do not praise and compliment Jews flatteringly enough. But the fact is, that there is no such thing
as a "hate crime" any more than there can be such a thing as a "love crime".

Love and Hate are two sides of the same coin. One cannot exist without the
other. Love and Hate are both necessary parts of being Human. Thus,
the Jewish lawyers are attempting to de-Humanize and to defraud the
People of the entire Earth. By taking away a PART of what makes
us Human, they are attempting to make us LESS than human. And by
making the People less than Human, then the People become closer to
being animals. And unlike People, animals can be better CONTROLLED
by those who claim to be "especially chosen" and "virtuous" and "wise" but who are actually proven to be frauds and liars. This is known as brainwashing and it is practiced by the Jews, the Communists, the Leftists and the Homosexuals who are backed by such treasonous Communist-front groups as the The American Civil Liberties Union.

When a lawyer tells you who you may love and who you may hate,
then that lawyer is nothing more than a tyrannical monster posing as
a "humanitarian". And you, if you follow his lead, you become nothing
but a slave or a dupe or a fool in the hands of a swindler.

And so, we are offering this software not because we have any particular
philosophy about it but because it fills two needs. (1) It educates the People
about certain historical and religious facts concerning the Jews and Judaism;
and (2) it allows the People to make up their own minds, protected by the
Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution and by the Will of God.

One fact that can easily be proven is: Communism is Jewish.
Another fact is: President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a Jew.
Now, take these two facts and think about their significance in world history.

These and many other things you will learn in this collection of Windows software
from the Cosmic Wheel Association. colbar