America was founded and built by the white people of Europe. It is a country where the People are protected from tyrannical government by the First Ten Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.
No other country in the world guarantees as much freedom to the People as in the USA. So, no matter what country you live in, you should insist that your own government incorporate these Amendments into your own National Charter.

Those who visit here, are welcome to take American ideas of government and Society back to your own countries for implimentation. But while you are here, either cherish the freedoms that you are granted and respect the Caucasian Founders for what they have done for the entire world, or else leave and don't come back because you are not our friends or our fellow countrymen. By rejectng our values, you declare yourselves to be our enemies. No country should allow enemies within its borders no matter what hypocritical guise or pretense they assume upon entry, whether of immigrants or of refugees.


Qi-Gungnir's Ministry


To the Christians Who Betray Jesus and Defend the Demon-Jews


The greatest problem in the world today is not the Jews and their evil deeds; the greatest problem in the world today is the Christians who do not believe what Jesus taught about the Jews. The Jews are so evil that they murdered their own Messiah and still brag about it today. But the ignorant Christians vote for Jewish politicians, allow their children to be taught in the schools by devil Jews and donate money to the demon State of Israel. Yet, they think that they will go to heaven after they have given the world into the hands of the Devil and his Jews!


Treasonous Christians! Listen to this poem and then go and choke on your tears because all your pleadings of "Lord! Lord!" will not get you into Heaven.


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How the Hebrew Bible Proves that all Modern Jews are Devils

Christian Criminal, a poem in MP3 format for streaming or free download







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Just remember: If the Jews hate it, it must be Good.
They hate Jesus and persecute Christians to this very day,

so you know that the Hatred of the Jews has not gone away.

May you-all be blessed by Jesus and no longer deceived by the Demon Jews.