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Videos Banned by the Jews on YouTube and on other Jew-owned Video Sites


When the two treasonous Jews who own Google bought YouTube for over a billion dollars, they were investing in Cultural manipulation. It is well known that the Jews own Hollywood and nearly every media outlet in the Western countries. So, they have complete control over the lies and the kinds of garbage that they can pipe into our living rooms over the TV and into our minds at the movies and in the print media.

If it is obscene, disgusting, anti-American, anti-white, anti-European, pro-faggot and Communistic, then the Jews are very enthusiastic about producing more of it in their Media Monopoly. The Media has always been their main method of destroying nations alongside of their banking and financial swindles.

With YouTube, all of Mankind had the opportunity for Freedom of Speech via private video production. But once the Jews bought it, they used it for social manipulation and national destruction. The Jews don't want Freedom of Speech, they want monopolistic control.

Videos that showed the Jews to be what they actually are rather than what they want everybody to believe that they are, are banned. Telling the truth about the Jews is forbidden on YouTube. This is just another example of how the Jews betray the United States and the American People and flout the Constitution.

To allow Freedom of Speech and Opinion, some of the videos that the Jews banned are presented here. Make up your own mind about them. Don't let a Jew tell you what you are allowed to think about Jews. After watching some of these videos, you will certainly have your own opinion about these evil creatures known as Jews.


None of these videos are obscene or violent. They merely criticized the Jews and so they were banned.


Videos banned across the Internet by the Lying Jews
The Vaccine Warning; Don't Take It!!! Vaccine Warning
The Jews are Devils, every one of them. The Jewish Swine of the Babylonian Talmud
Working in International Crime families, the Jews loot all nationsĀ  A Little English Jew
The Deadly Enemy of the Ordinary Man, a great speech given by Dinesh D'Souza The Evils of the Democratic Party
The Pearl of Great Price The Dragon's Pearl
Behind a mask of religion, the Jews smuggle drugs and diamonds Jewish Junkies
Jewish Medical Swindle in animated cartoon Jewish Medical Swindle
Jewish Plastic is Good for China Jewish Plastic
Jewish author admits that Jews destroy all other peoples Jewish Subversion
The Kosher Cross for "X-ing Out" Christ The Kosher Cross
Moderate Muslim Shieky al-Freaky What is a Moderate Muslim?
The Myth of the Good Jew The Myth of the Good Jew
Forever True: the Historic Speeches of Frazier Glenn Miller Forever True
What Every Chinese Should Know The Taiwan Question
The Swindle of Moneylending, Episode 1 Swindling the Goyim, Episode 1
The Swindle of Moneylending, Episode 2 Swindling the Goyim, Episode 2