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The Muslim Werewolves


The Semites: two of the world's biggest liars, have produced
two of the world's biggest hoaxes, Judaism and Islam.



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and you will learn everything that you need to know about Islam.

Of course, Islam is a hoax. Because it is based upon the lies of the Jews, what else could it be? This book does not speculate about one of the most infamous frauds ever perpetrated against Mankind, it offers the archaeological and historical proof that Mohammad was a false prophet and a deluded charlatan.
56-pages, 8.5" x 11", in Adobe Acrobat PDF format , fully printable


The lying, Jewish Media claims that there is a difference between the fanatical Muslims who are bad, and the Moderate Muslims who are good and should be allowed to infiltrate Western countries.
In this poetic little video, let Moderate Muslim, Shieki al-Freaky,
explain the difference between both varieties of these insane rapists and killers.
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get near your wife, your little children ... or the farm animals.