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Banjo Billy's Web Page

In Memorium:

Banjo Billy passed away on March 9, 2020, from complications following surgery and chemotherapy. He was only 68 years old. He will be very much missed by the entire crew of the Bamboo Delight Company for his insights into social problems and his ready wit, not to mention his five-string banjo picking for making everyone smile. He willed all of his property and worldly goods to his various family members but left all of his writings and notes into the care of this Company. When I find the time, I will sort through the boxes of notes and newspaper clippings that he left, and publish whatever gems I find here on his webpage.

Visiting him at his home in Santa Cruz, several days before his final journey to see All-Father, I commented that his fans were going to be disappointed that he didn't complete his history of How the Jews Betrayed Mankind. He replied, "It doesn't matter. Everything that anyone needs to know about the Jews, I put into the first two volumes. I proved that the Jews are swindlers, frauds and liars -- every one of them, every damned one of them."

Rest in Peace, William.

The Legacy of Banjo Billy (1952-2020)




The Bamboo Delight Company has been able to obtain First Publication Rights to the writings of Banjo_Billy, that White Nationalist writer who is often found on chat boards defeating the Jews, Communists, traitors, queers, and various other anti-Americans.

His most famous quote is:
"Jesus and Hitler Told the Truth about the Jews: the Jews are Devils -- real ones!"

For the latest of his major essays visit this web page. We are the first on the Internet to showcase his works. He has granted us First Publication Rights but anyone may re-publish these works as long as they are provided to the public for free and contain a link to this page.

The Books and Essays of Banjo Billy
Convicting the Jews Series Books, Short Stories and Other Writings
Part 1: Never an Honest Jew


How the Jews Betrayed Mankind, Vol I,
The Sumerian Swindle

Part 2: Why the Jews Condone Pedophila


How the Jews Betrayed Mankind, Vol. II,
The Monsters of Babylon

Part 3: Rabbi's Nose and Jewess' Snatch Babylonian Talmud Extracts - BB's Research Notes
Part 4: Doing Evil on the Sabbath is Jewish Nathan Rothschild Authors “The Protocols of Zion”
My Dog Mohammad (humor)
  What the Muslim Sharia Laws Will Do To You


Muslim Werewolves Howling at the Moon God

  The False Jew Theories of Kevin MacDonald
  Why is the Holocaust So Unpopular?
  Why Jews Kill the Best of People
  Why Jesus was Not a Jew
  Pharisees and Sadducees
  Why the Old Testament is a Lie
  Mexican Racism Against American
  Death to the Bankers
  What is Feminism?
  What is the Bankers Agenda?
  Why Detroit Can't Make an Efficient Auto